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Please consider helping CCTASSI promote and raise awareness in these important ways:

  1. Follow us on social media and encourage others to do the same
  2. Commit to learning more about Child Trauma (start with the resources below)
  3. Tell us how the film(s) impacted you. Use the survey below
  4. Be an Influencer! Begin a conversation and share Remembering Trauma, TAY and Jade with your friends, family and other personal connections or members of your community
  5. Watch one or more of our films with people you know (family, friends, youth you work with)
  6. Ask your agency, employer and colleagues to follow and promote CCTASSI Films
  7. Host a viewing (online or in-person) of Remembering Trauma, TAY and Jade
  8. Incorporate Remembering Trauma, TAY and Jade films in your training or other professional activities (e.g., onboarding new staff)
  9. Volunteer with agencies dedicated to child trauma
  10. Donate money to organizations working with survivors of child trauma

Learn More About child trauma

NCTSN: Written resources for youth, parents and professionals

NCTSN: Free webinars and CEUs on child trauma

Check out our Center’s home page

Learn more About Trauma Services

SAMHSA’s Treatment Finder:

Illinois SPIDER Database

NCTSN: Trauma Treatments/Interventions